Organic tomato sauces produced in Italy

As a food processing production company, we are acutely aware of our special responsibility for future generations. Social and ecological sustainability are more important to us than making a quick profit.

Our Hügli stories give you a look behind the scenes; we tell you for example where the ingredients for our foods come from, how they are made and who makes them.

The tomato – our raw material

We use sun-ripened tomatoes to give our organic tomato sauces their incomparable taste. These are cultivated outdoors by organic farmers in the famous “tomato belt” between Piacenza, Parma and Cesena. The red vegetable grown in this region is of exceptional quality, as the composition of the soil and the microclimatic conditions such as hours of sunshine and the amount of rainfall complement each other perfectly. The crop rotation method used by the farmers guarantees perfect soil regeneration and sustainable farming.

Most of the tomato farmers are members of cooperatives and take their harvest to jointly operated processing facilities, where the tomatoes are pulped, diced, or turned into concentrate. Our partners try to keep the quality, cost and products on offer constant for years at a time. This guarantees the consistently good taste of our end products. Having a location close to our suppliers helps us to avoid long transport routes and support the local organic economy in the north of Italy.

The sauce – our product

We use the freshest, most natural raw materials possible. As the main ingredient, tomatoes form the basis of our sauces. As such, they deserve special attention. We use tomato varieties that are specially cultivated for sauces and other liquid tomato products. These organic tomatoes (as pulp or concentrated tomato purée) guarantee the result we want for our fine organic sauces, in colour, consistency and taste.

Experienced food technologists, dedicated developers and passionate chefs develop and savour our recipes before we pass them on to our customers for their evaluation. There is nothing special about the ingredients, but the recipes for our fine organic sauces are our little secret. “Fatto in Italia - buon appetito!”