Supplements to enhance physical well being

Our innovative food supplements help those consumers who have a requirement for specific nutrients or want to supplement a nutritional deficiency or as a precaution are looking to improve their health and well being.

Innovative, effective and delicious

Whether it is high calorie soups, ready made meals, muesli or porridges to combat aged based malnutrition or protein shakes with vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy bones and joints or muscle mass; or products to promote heart and intestinal health – all our products are not only effective, but also taste great.

Technologies & Services

Why do so many customers trust us? Because we take our responsibilities seriously and because we know what we are doing. From the evolution of a creative product idea through to launch, we control all aspects to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Select the customer group you belong to and discover what we can offer you.

Inspiring directly – with quality and experience

This is our forte, not least because our core range has registered success for more than 80 years.

The Hügli range offers you convenience combined with a high level of flexibility and creative leeway in your kitchen.

Our aim is to provide you with optimum support in your daily work and simultaneously delight both you and especially your guests. Always with a focus on staying one step ahead of others.

Talking directly – person to person

Providing personal advice is the most important factor for us.

A professional kitchen has particular demands. We know them. Why? Because we are also professional chefs. We know what is important and are passionate about personally dealing with our customers. That is why you will not find the Hügli brand on the shelves of retail stores.

Our team ensures that, as a catering professional, you can concentrate on your core work. We take care of the rest, from the initial concept right through to delivery.

Reliably, personally and directly.

We've thought of everything and everyone

Our customers in professional kitchens face a variety of challenges every single day. Be it in a daycare centre, top restaurant or a retirement home. The target-group-specific concepts that we offer are as varied as those challenges. Products, help and advice from practitioners for practitioners

Cleverly packaged – sustainable & economical

We package our products using sustainable materials that are easy to recycle or that you can simply reuse, for example our Gastronorm tray, which can be reused time and time again.

ORGANIC products – also available from us

You would like to offer your guests dishes with organically cultivated ingredients? Our ORGANIC range provides you with a broad selection of exceptional organic quality products. At least 95% of the ingredients are of agricultural origin from certified organic cultivation. Production and processing in accordance with the EU Eco regulation.


In times when an increasing number of people are living progressively longer, nutritional concepts specifically designed for seniors are becoming more and more important. As a consequence, in the form of our CuraPlus concept, we offer you a tailor-made solution to target the problem of malnourishment frequently observed in this target group.



Food Service

Hügli has been synonymous with innovative product solutions for soups, sauces, bouillons, condiments, antipasti, dressings, fresh products and desserts for over 80 years. Our aim is to provide you with optimum support in your daily work and simultaneously delight both you and especially your guests.



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Quality since 1935

Ever since we first manufactured our stock cube 'Brodox' on an industrial scale, we have been providing our customers with high-quality products and contract manufacturing solutions. We have been making great tasting food for over 80 years and this is what has led to many longstanding partnerships with our customers.

Culinary expertise

Our product developers and application technologists have many years of experience of working in the food sector. They communicate daily with customers and colleagues, continuously expanding their culinary know-how. Targeted market research coupled with store checks ensure that our specialists are constantly keeping themselves informed about the latest food trends.

Product development with an attention to detail

We take the idea concepts and projects from our customers and develop products that meet their specific requirements. Our enhanced development process means that we can service our customers quickly by utilizing our production technologies and market know-how.

State-of-the-art technologies

Hügli manufactures a broad range of dehydrated and liquid products. Our production sites in six European countries are equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies. We are always continuously striving to expand and develop our manufacturing capabilities.

Your needs are our motivation

Keeping a close eye on developing market trends allows us to respond quickly to changes in demand. Our products are tailored to meet these needs:

  • Bio
  • Gluten free
  • Palm fat free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

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