We are your production partner for exceptional taste

Our strengths are know-how, flexibility, speed and reliability. We are an efficient supplier of flavouring components for the food processing industry,

be it outsourced pre-mix products for our customers or intricate creations such as process flavourings.

Product guidelines

Correctly positioning the right product

You are giving your product character. At Hügli not only are you ultimately assured of exceptional taste and handling, you can also be sure that the product fulfils all legal requirements.

The deciding factor of whether a product is bought or not is often its classification, such as "organic" or "vegan."

Possible product requirements:

  • Halal-certified
  • Vegan
  • Low sodium/reduced sodium
  • Use of natural flavours
  • No flavour-enhancers
  • No allergen-containing ingredients
  • No added flavours
  • No added HVP
  • Yeast-extract-free
  • No hydrogenated fats

Contract processing/outsourcing

Contract processing is a matter of trust

Why do many popular brands trust Hügli when it comes to outsourcing?

Outsourcing creates economic benefits, such as being able to concentrate on in-house expertise, cost-based shortening of the value chain and the freeing up of resources.

Outsourcing, however, also means being able to completely trust the production partner and their discretion. Our personal relationship with our customers creates this bond of trust.

Product development

Innovation with an attention to detail

With their longstanding experience and knowledge of the industry, our sales, marketing, and product development specialists have a keen sensitivity for new trends. New and innovative product concepts are constantly being created as a result of market research, monitoring the market and stores as well as through the internal knowledge centre.

We detail all requirements within the scope of a briefing. The first samples are then produced and tasted. Only once the new product satisfies 100% of the customer requirements will a final recipe be completed and readied for production.

Quality assurance & food law

Food law & quality assurance

The food industry is subject to particularly stringent laws and regulations. Our competent food law experts make sure that all of our products meet these high standards. This includes the creation of meaningful and detailed product specifications and the inspection of labels on the final packaged product.

All raw materials, processes and final products are inspected constantly to ensure that all production processes are meeting our high quality standards. We are certified in accordance with current food and quality standards in order to upgrade and improve our systems and processes.

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